700 N. Crockett St.

Sherman, TX 75090

(903) 893-6593 Phone

(903) 868-0679 Fax


Bidding Projects
Georgetown Airport Improvements, Georgetown, TX 

Tim Mitchell

Paris Regional Airport Hanger Exp, Paris, TX 

Shane Mitchell


TxDOT Paris Drainage Repairs   

Shane Mitchell


Sherman Streetscapes-Downtown, Sherman, TX   

Steve Mitchell

9/26/17 @ 2:00PM

MG's Restaurant, Sherman, TX   ADDENDUM #1

Shane Mitchell

9/28/17 @ 10:00AM

Mt. Gilead Safe Routes, Keller, TX TX   

Shane Mitchell

10/12/17 @ 10:00AM

McKinney Safe Routes, McKinney, TX TX   

Shane Mitchell

Inhouse Taking Bids

217 S. Travis Studio, Sherman, TX   

Shane Mitchell

Mitchell Enterprises Ltd., is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively encourages Disadvantaged and Minority Firms to participate in the bidding process. Please contact Shane Mitchell at (903) 893-6593 for information on adding your company to our active bidders list or respond by open invitation to bidding@mitchellgc.com.

Steve Mitchell (steve@mitchellgc.com)

Tim Mitchell (tim@mitchellgc.com)

Shane Mitchell (shane@mitchellgc.com)

  Indicates that plan files are password locked by policy or at the request of the issuing document provider.  Please call (903) 893-6593 or request a password by email from shane@mitchellgc.com.  Thank you.

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