Mitchell Enterprises, along with our LEED consultants, has developed proven strategy plans in addressing:

  • Indoor Air Quality Plan
  • Waste Management Plan
  • MR4 and MR5 document tracking
  • MSDS and VOC compliance information tracking
  • Housekeeping Plan
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

The bulk of the Contractor responsibility occurs in the submittal phase with the tracking of the required LEED documentation paperwork.  Each specification section is given a status folder to indicate the completeness of the file.  Subcontractor notifications of required paperwork are also tracked to document additional steps as necessary to ensure the LEED file is completed by the trade contractor.

A checklist of required photographs is logged on monthly and per event intervals.  Using a master checklist log, project managers ensure that the documentation requirements of the project are met as some photos are not possible to secure once certain construction is completed.

Using the methods above, Mitchell’s LEED certified projects have all placed in the upper point scale of their required certification level.  The Dallas Northwest Service Center, originally a Silver goal project, completed 44 points for a Gold Certification.  The Lake Parks Operations Facility in Grand Prairie began as a 36 point goal Silver project and is current under review for a 39 point Gold Certification. 

Lake Parks Operations Facility - LEED Silver

Dallas Northwest Service Center - LEED Gold


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